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Computer programming is a language to communicate effectively and efficiently with machines (self-driving cars, satellites, Mars rovers, spacecrafts and many others). It enhances creative thinking & systematic reasoning. Programming for Fun at LearnIN introduces students to computer programming in a fun and engaging way. The live interactive sessions would not only teach programming languages but also give ample opportunities to be creative while using code. These sessions help inculcate coding habit from an early age.

The natural progression after this would be to learn the more traditional and complex computer languages like Python, C++, Java among others.

* The pricing given is indicative, actual price for a particular extra curricular activity may change

Benefits to Students
  • Learn from experts
  • Specific study plan
  • Develops logical thinking
  • Drives innovation
  • Enhances creativity
  • Builds confidence

Learn to Scratch!!
with Shailaja

A Google TechMaker Scholar (2017)
who has been teaching Computer Science at K-12 levels for 14+ years.
She is currently pursuing her PhD in Computer Science.

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Designed by MIT labs, Scratch is a visual programming language to teach basic programming skills to children. It allows them to create their own interactive stories, games and animations; and helps enhance their computational thinking

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